Injection moulding of technical components represents the core of our production . The production facility is equipped with 21 plastic injection machines ranging from a minimum of 9 tons to a maximum of 370 tons.


All the machines are equipped with Conveyor belts and dual arm robot manipulators that interface with the machine to remove runners and components automatically. The machines are able to produce articles whose weight ranges from 0,5 grams up to 1200 grams. The thermoplastic materials normally used are PP, PE, ABS, PA, PC, POM, PS, but also special and innovative plastics such as PSU, Ryton PPS, PVDF, SOLEF 1008, Santoprene, TPV, Zytel.


The production process guarantees periodic line controls of all the moulded parts to ensure dimensional accuracy. An assembly and finishing department exists within the production area to ensure a rapid and flexible service.